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works by Grethe Wittrock


Grethe Wittock is born in Denmark and is a graduate of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark and Kyoto Seika University, College of Fine Art in Kyoto, Japan 1992. She is currently residing in Washington DC, working towards having her first solo exhibition of her works in New York in 2017. Using ancient techniques to create contemporary work, Wittrock's meditative process of repetition allows her to create simple, strong, poetic works of art. She hand weaves, knots and braids thousands of strings of silk, gold and paper yarn, custom dyed in Japan.

  Grethe Wittrock's work has been exhibited through-out the world in cities such as Copenhagen, London, Munich, Hong-Kong, Paris, Sao Paolo, and Kyoto. She has won numerous international awards and in 2001 she received the prestigious three-year grant from the Danish Art Foundation. During the 1990's she produced a paper based clothing line and large scale commission works for companies and institutions.

  Her most recent works are large bird-like sculptural fiber pieces made from weatherbeaten sails which was shown at Wittrocks first solo exhibition in The United States, at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA. from september 2015-february 2016.
Much of the work for Nordic Currents was created at the Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen in 2014 and subsequently at her studio in Washington, D.C. where Grethe Wittrock has been living since January of 2015. The Danish Art Foundation and The Danish Art Workshops have made Grethe Wittrock: Nordic Currents possible through their generous support.